Donna Alho                Jack Campa

Pat Cavanagh            Charlie Conner  

 John DeFranco

Clara Deitz                  Ted Deitz

Dave Diedrich

Don Eberhardt         Michael Efthyvoulou

Bill Ellam                    Gary Gifford

George Harrison       

Mark Hilton                Micky Jerema            

Andy Jenson               David Jones

Connie Kenny            Terry Kirk

Michelle Kirlin            Ray Lilla

Alan Martincavage    Larry McCollum

Ronald McDonald     Ralph McIlroy

John Moore                Lenice Moore

Andy Muir                  John Reddish

Bill Rhodes               Pam Roach 

Glen Silva                   Susan Sommers      

Dave Sutherland      Ray Spade                   

Dave Thompson       Jodi Woodruff            

Woody Woodruff

In Loving Memory of lost darters Memorial Page

This page is dedicated in memory to all the lost darters but not forgotten forever in our hearts and forever with our darts. Rest in peace!

If you know of a darter that has passed that is not listed please let me know so I can add them.

Please submit any pictures and/or stories signed or anonymous also information such as born and passed dates, a biography on them would be nice to have  as well, then I will create a separate memorial page changing their name on the list to a link to their page. (The ones with pages are the ones underlined and bold text)  Also if I have any names with spelling errors please fix them for me I myself did not have the honor of knowing most of the darters that have pasted on.

Please email me at 

If you have old pictures that need to be scanned that can be arranged.