2014 South Florida Cup Hosted by PBCDA and held at The Blue Boarin July 2014

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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Darting Association web-site. We are a local non-profit organization that is a dart league since 1979 in the greater West Palm Beach and surrounding area communities. Our leagues area of play stretches from Okeechobee Blvd. to Boynton Beach Blvd. and as far west as State Road 441. Our goal is to bring together people of various backgrounds with the principle of open membership, fair play and respectful competition while developing the skills and abilities of our dart players. We have team leagues on Monday and Wednesdays with skill levels from beginner to expert. We are affiliated with the FDA - Florida Dart Associationand the ADO - American Dart Association.


Monday Division 1(all matches best 2 out of 3 except team game)

  • 4 Single matches of 501 easy in double out
  • 4 Single matches of cricket
  • Team 701 double in double out
  • 2 Double matches of cricket
  • 2 Double matches of 501 double in/double out

Wednesday Division  (all matches best 2 out of 3 except trios cricket game one game and done)

      *(at least 1 female player must play in the matches)

  • 2 Single matches of 501 easy in double out *
  • 2 Single matches of cricket *
  • 1 Trios match of cricket (3 player game) *
  • 2 Double matches of cricket *
  • 2 Double matches of 501 double in/double out *

League Start Time:

      All leagues start at 730pm